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Camping Key Europe

In 2012 the Camping Card Scandinavia (CCS), which was primarily valid for Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, was replaced by the new Camping Key Europe (valid for the whole of europe). There are two offers available under this name.

A green plastic card, similar to the old Camping Card Scandinavia, which also includes personalized data and is regarded as proof of identity. And a yellow paper - discount card, offered by the ADAC and ANWB camping-guide. This side shows only information about the green camping card.

The following organizations are involved in the Camping Key Europe:

Owners of the card have the following advantages:
- simplified and accelerated the checking in and out
  on campsites (no ID required)
- price reductions for pitches or cabins at campsites
  (if it is offered by the site owner)
- discounts for ferries, bridges, museums, theme parks,
, etc.
- liability insurance at the campsite

buy / order - Camping Key Europe

You can buy the campingcard directly at a campsite for about $20 (in this case you will get a temporary paper card and the right card later by mail) or you can order it for about $21 at the internet. You should plan 3 weeks for such an order.

The following links offering the card:
- the official swedish camping site for 150 SEK
- the german automobil club ADAC

More links will follow.
Camping Key Europe Example
A test order on the swedish side, with delivery to Germany took about two weeks.

validity stamp

The card is valid for 1 year and may be renewed every year with a validity stamp for about $20.

Current information on Camping Key Europe can be found here: